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What is the difference between OEM, Retail and Bound?

Difference between OEM, Retail and Bound licences.


These are licences that have only one activation and are associated with the motherboard of the computer. These are licenses that are normally put on a new computer by an original equipment manufacturer. This type of licence is not sold by Microsoft to private customers and you can take advantage of exclusive access because we purchase them by large volume.

The important thing:__
Perpetual licence, with 1x Activation.
If your computer breaks down, you lose your licence.
If you format the computer, the licence is also lost as the application may not recognise the computer as the same.
If you lose your computer, you also lose your licence.
There are no updates .

Difficulty of installation: Medium/High


These are the licenses that you buy for example directly from Microsoft if you go into a physical shop. They usually come in a box and with your Microsoft code. At LicenciasDirectas we opt for a digital delivery to reduce costs and to be able to offer the licenses at a more competitive price.

The important thing:__
Perpetual, transferable licence.
Multiple activations allowed to transfer the licence from one computer to another, as long as it is not abusive and the licence is only activated on one computer at a time.
Transferable as long as the licence code is remembered.

Difficulty of installation: Medium/High


These licenses are the ones you would buy online directly from Microsoft. They are the easiest to install, the most secure but unfortunately, also the most expensive.

The important thing:
Perpetual and transferable licence.
Associated with Microsoft account.
Regular security updates.
Compatible for Smartphone and Tablet.
Difficulty of installation: Very easy

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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